Reviews for Hunky Dory Repair

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Brent Feb 2014: 5 Stars

Giving this place 5 stars+ Where do I begin? The cleanliness of the store? The nice open space? Or maybe the fact that there is a game console for the customers to play with while they wait (if it doesn’t take long that is.)
I really like the atmosphere of the store.
I brought my computer in last week to be fixed.
I believed Brad and Miles? worked on my computer and the service was outstanding, he answered every question as I was giving him the third degree. He made sure that I was well informed of everything that was going to happen and what to expect.
I’d say I wish I don’t have to bring my computer back, but if anything ever happens again, I know where I am going to go.

Trent Dec 2013: 5 Stars

Had a cracked screen/LCD. Was thinking of buying new phone at apple when I walked by this place. Was around a 100 bucks and it looks like new. Was thinking I was going to have to spend 500 to get a new phone so Im really happy and it only took 10min. If time is worth more to you than the fuss this place offers great service. Thank you.

Layne March 2014: 5 Stars

I was having problems installing windows via boot camp on my new MacBook Pro. I spent hours online following instructions from “experts”. Nothing worked. I went to the Mac store and was told “we don’t know”. I called Microsoft and was told “we don’t do that”. I called Hunky Dory, and they said ” no problem!” Along with a lot of other stuff that went over my head. And the price was more than fair. I should have called these guys first. Excellent communication, great service, quick to fix, and a great price. I will definitely be calling them again!

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